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Alberta, Canada.

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Surf & Love Trip

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Atle Rønningen



So stoked to be heading up to Big Sur for a week to shoot for @sawandmitre in October.
We’ll be taking his beautiful craftsmanship and photographing on the coast.

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Lista, Norway: Former German chow hall left from German occupation of Norway, WWII [OC] [3264x2448] http://imgur.com/r/AbandonedPorn/wgJlVH1


WWII bunker, Pacifica, CA [3264x2448][exploration album in comments] http://imgur.com/r/AbandonedPorn/S0VYXfG


Graham Residence, Erickson and Massey, (built 1962-63, demolished 2007), 1965 — Selwyn Pullan

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bauen + wohnen = construction + habitation = building + home / band 1-5 / heft 3 / 1947-49 
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rick joy

adobe canyon house

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Anonymous said: You promised to write. What is your biggest regret? What was your most wreckless decision, that you regret the least? Discuss.

For the record, I never promised, I said I would “make a point to” (write more). These might not be the best response-bait questions for me, but I’ll give them the best answers I can. Giving me context helps a bunch, I’m an open book.

Biggest regret: I don’t have one. Despite being almost certainly depressed for a while now, It is not from regretting anything I am responsible for either doing or not doing. I realized a long time ago to specifically avoid this pitfall through understanding that what was upsetting me was not my fault through being nowhere within my control.

I have regrets, but they are little white regrets that are easy to excuse and forget, like unwanted dreams rinsed clean by sun in your eyes.

Again, despite being >50% sad/empty feeling most often, I’m very pleased with my life. If anything were to happen differently in the past, I wouldn’t be where/who I am today. Another reason I regret nothing (and neither should you).

Favorite Reckless Decision: Wreck-less is an appropriate way to describe it, driving 140 mph with the windows down in the middle of the night down an empty highway would be the most reckless thing I’ve done in terms of my health/ well being/ driver’s license validity. This stands out as my apex of adrenaline so far in my life. At the time I was suspended from college and if you could hit rock bottom without having any real vices, this would have been my time. 

*I entirely bankrupted myself when I bought (myself) a birthday gift in 2011. During another low point in my life that required rebounding in some form or another. Most fiscally reckless decision, but well worth it.

flashbacks to 2006


Yin & Yang - by MAASO

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